Hunter-gatherers with smartphones

The marshmallow experiment is a classic psychological research.

It shows how the ability (after a certain age) to tolerate frustration for a better purpose is one of the main variables to understand who will be a more resilient, happy, aware, fulfilled adult.

In your opinion, what is the current average level in your community about: to tolerate frustration for a better purpose, to discipline ourselves, to know ourselves and improve?

I don’t have precise statis data, so I could be wrong (I hope) but the impression is that there are a few that shine like never before and a large mass that is even regressing under the pressure of an increasingly complex society. In an increasingly complex and technologically powerful world, we should aim to educate new generations more on soft skills (not only in technical skills). There are different approaches to learning soft skills. To educate derives etymologically from “educere”: to help bring out the best in oneself.

There is an enormous hunger for individuation, for mental self-knowledge, for what we really aspire to. The collective risk is that too many regress to unaware “hunter-gatherers with smartphones”.

In the young generations of developed countries born after 2000, metacognition, meta-awareness is no longer a luxury for the few, but an essential necessity, which if it is not cultivated in a broad way will lead us to a collective cultural and political regression.

Excuse me for the direct style of communication, but today all the people who have the economic and cultural possibilities but waste their lives chasing superficial self and life models do a lot more damage than we think. For themself and the community.

We need investments in education and ecology, not only for the environment but also for the media. Let’s start with us.


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