Accept to dialogue with the future!

Ok, look this video of 5 years ago…

I remember very well the reactions of many people. Something like… “Come on! This is science fiction!”

The iPhone just entered in the market and its cultural revolution (and not just cultural) was at the beginning.

Now, look this last video of iPhone 4S…

Man… 5 years, just 5 years not 10 or 15.

Steve Jobs is dead and, like many other revolutionists, his vision will become stronger after the end of his life, because the void he leaves is a powerful messagge of how we need people like him.


We live in complex and fast times, we need to learn how to dialogue with the future.

Remember that the innovation start from a mental shift!

So, accept the scary fact that you don’t know that you dont’ know, and before trying to find a solution, you have to find a good question.

[Image by acaben]

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