About me

My name is Gianandrea Giacoma and I’m a UX Strategist and Social Business Consultant.

I apply Psychology to Interaction Design (PSIxD) and User Experience to find better ways to motivate users with intrinsic and social incentives.

In Enterprise 2.0 projects I integrate PSIxD with Organizational Psychology to combine the double effect of a good social persuasive design with change management.

The engagement in academic research and consulting allows me to work in different and innovative fields such as:

  • User Experience Design between physical and digital, service and product
  • Persuasive Design and Behavior Change
  • Design of collaborative and participative behaviors in social networks
  • Analysis and Design of social network, community and corporate intranet
  • Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0/Social Business

The word “ibridazioni” means “hybridization” and  is an expression of the quality achieved by the high transdisciplinariety that characterizes the current state of the complexity challenge. Five years ago I wrote the first draft of my vision and today is the Manifesto Ibridi

Twitter @ibridazioni